Renting Reimagined THE COMOOD COMPANY

Property management, only different: With innovative digital features, sustainable housing concepts and personal contact partners, Comood is changing the way rental housing is leased and managed.


Digital Property Management

Comood is a modern company for property management, property administration and letting with offices in Munich, Berlin and Cologne. With years of experience in the real estate industry, the people behind Comood have rethought classic property management: digital features allow our tenants to easily manage the rental, exchange and maintenance of their rental property from anywhere and at any time.

Sustainable living concepts.
Lasting Joy.

Tenant electricity, photovoltaics and more: efficient energy supply

At Comood, we are rethinking living. With forward-looking solutions, such as up to 100% renewable thermal energy through PV systems on the roof of the house – directly into the rented flat. This not only reduces ancillary housing costs, but also your own CO2 consumption.

Comood focuses on energy-efficient living in every respect. With water-saving shower fittings, energy-saving tips and sustainable recommendations for action, we want to make a positive contribution to the environment together with our tenants.

Greener, faster, further: sustainable mobility concepts

Sustainable living already starts on the way home. That’s why we rely on modern mobility concepts that make it easy for tenants to choose environmentally friendly options. From e-charging stations within the neighbourhood to partnerships with car sharing companies and mobility monitors in the building that show all the nearest connections by public transport: this is how you really get around today.

Achieving more together: social aspects

Integrated day-care centres, subsidised housing, non-discriminatory renting: Comood is not only strongly oriented towards the legal ESG criteria for real estate, but is also committed to a harmonious and diverse coexistence. Regular surveys of our tenants (with over 70 different nationalities to date) help us to constantly develop and respond even better to the needs of all.

Comood App: Digital. Simple. Sustainable.

Less paperwork, less stress: the Comood app not only saves valuable resources, but also time, energy and frustration. Important documents are filed automatically, digitaly and clearly. For example, house rules and important notices can be quickly accessed at any time. Any damage can also be easily reported via the app. Interesting and informative things can be found on the tenants’ digital notice board.

Comood App for tenants

In the Comood rental app you will find all the information relevant to your flat and important contact details, such as those of the property manager. Here, you can also view important documents, such as property rules or property notices. Even damage can be easily reported via the app. And the digital “notice board” keeps you up to date on all the news in the building.

HOW WE WORK Corporate culture and philosophy


“Because we’ve always done it that way” is no defence. Our experience shows us which things have stood the test of time – and where there are opportunities to do them better. We think ahead and act progressively.


We stand firmly against discrimination. Regardless of whether it is a matter of choosing new team members or tenants: We select carefully, based on comprehensible criteria and regardless of gender, skin colour, origin or religion.


We love what we do. We help people find a new home and feel comfortable in it for the long term. We communicate accordingly: appreciatively, as equals, honestly and consistently.

Frequently asked questions

You can easily request an apartment at Once we receive your request, you’ll be given online access to our digital rental portal. Here, you can fill out a self-disclosure form and upload required documents. After reviewing the documents, Comood will send a digital lease for you to sign.

Self-disclosure form, identity card, salary statements for the last three months, Schufa (= a kind of questionnaire for potential tenants in Germany to provide landlords/landladies with personal details. Learn more at:

The rental period is unlimited, the minimum rental period is six months (in all Savvy properties) or 12 months (in all other properties). You have a statutory notice period of three months. Different arrangements apply for commercial rentals. You can contact us about this at

Yes. As a Comood tenant you will receive a housing provider certificate from us.


Helping people find a home.